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Iron Road’s vision is to become a trusted and reliable supplier of premium iron concentrates to the Asian marketplace.

The flagship project in achieving this vision is the Central Eyre Iron Project (or CEIP) in South Australia.  CEIP is a large scale development expected to produce 20Mtpa of iron concentrate.  CEIP will require an industry partner to finance and develop associated rail and port infrastructure.  Iron Road is in the final stage of Definitive Feasibility Study for the CEIP.  Mineral Resources already top 2.5 billion tonnes, providing for 30+ years of production.

Alongside the CEIP, Iron Road is progressing a scoping study on the smaller scale Gawler Iron Project (Gawler).  Gawler has the potential for 1-2 Mtpa development that can provide early sustaining cash flows.  Gawler is close to established rail infrastructure with port access and can potentially provide product to gain early market acceptance for concentrates similar in specification to the larger expected CEIP output.

Iron Road’s development pathway will recognise market constraints and seek to utlise the common product specifications of CEIP and Gawler to enable a flexible development strategy.

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Sustained Policy Moves By Chinese Government Accelerating Steel Industry Transition To Higher Quality Raw Materials

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Second Round of CEIP Debt Financing Discussions being held in Beijing this week

There is growing support for our CEIP project to supply high-quality, lower-emission ore to Chinese steel mills facing stricter environmental rules as the attached article in today’s China Daily suggests:

With reports that China plans to invest 2.5 trillion yuan ($365 billion) in renewable energy through 2020 to reduce greenhouse gases and is seeking to curb emissions by iron and steel producers, there is clearly a need for the CEIP’s product.

Mills are being compelled to upgrade their plants or cease operations if they fall short of standards, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.
Managing Director Andrew Stocks said that the policy moves in China support the CEIP’S high grade iron road product and the Company will be meeting with financiers in Shanghai and Beijing over the coming months.

“The consistent high quality nature of our product will deliver significant and compelling advantages as we seek to meet the growing high end supply gap in the iron ore market.

I very much look forward to building a Project that will become a trusted and reliable supplier of premium iron concentrates to the Asian marketplace.”

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