Mining Lease Proposal & Environmental Impact Statement

Iron Road has provided DSD and DPTI with responses to all submissions received during the SA Government's public consultation process as set out below.

To view or download the Response Document relating to both public and Government queries raised in relation to the Mining Lease Proposal, please click on the below link:

Iron Road Limited - CEIP MLP Response Document - Updated October 2016

To view or download the Repsonse Document relating to both public and Government queries raised in relation to the Environmental Impact Statement, please click on the below link:

Iron Road Limited - CEIP EIS Response Document - Updated October 2016

For more information on the approvals processes for the CEIP, please visit the SA Government dedicated website at

Iron Road's management and staff are committed to on-going engagement with all of our stakeholders. Please contct us direct on (08) 8214 4400 if you have any questions about the MLP and EIS applications and Response Documents specifically, or the CEIP generally.

The Period for submission of comments to the DSD and DPTI on the proposed Central Eyre Iron Project has now closed.


The public consultation period in relation to Iron Road’s Mining Lease Proposal (MLP) under the Mining Act, 1971 and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) under the Development Act, 1993 closed on 2 February 2016.

Iron Road was advised on 18 March 2016 that 105 submissions had been received and were provided with copies of each. All submissions, together with comments received from relevant agencies, have been published by SA Government and may be viewed at

Iron Road will now prepare two separate Response Documents for assessment by Government which will provide answers to all questions raised during the public consultation process. A Response Document  in relation to the MLP will be lodged directly with the Department of State Development and one for the EIS will be submitted directly to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. The relevant decision makers are the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy for the MLP and the Minister for Planning and Governor of SA for the EIS.

The Company is pleased to advise that the majorityof the 105 submissions received were in support of the CEIP, citing the economic and social benefits the project would bring to the people of the Eyre Peninsula specifically and South Australia generally.

On 5 November 2015 Iron Road formally submitted a Mining Lease application accompanied by a Mining Lease Proposal (MLP) to the SA Department of State Development (DSD) and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to the SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), all in relation to the Central Eyre Iron Project.

Both documents provide comprehensive social, economic and environmental information, including full impact and benefit assessments, in relation to Iron Road’s proposed mining and processing operations within Mineral Claim 4383 at Warramboo and the infrastructure required to facilitate those activities and transport the magnetite concentrate to market. The infrastructure includes a deep sea port at Cape Hardy, a railway line between the mine and the port, power transmission line, borefield and long term employee village to accommodate mine site workers during operations.

The map of the CEIP components below can be accessed here.

DSD and DPTI have commenced a joint statutory public consultation process in relation to these applications which will run until 2 February 2016. To find out more about the process and how you can be involved please click on the link below which will take you directly to a SA Government website dedicated to this process:

NEW Executive Summary for the EIS and MLP

Executive Summary

NEW Iron Road Fact Sheets for the CEIP

CEIP & Farming

CEIP & the Community

CEIP & Dust and Water

General FAQ



Mining Lease Proposal (MLP)


You can download the complete Mining Lease Proposal as a large single document file (197MB) here or in individual chapters below.


Contents Pages (PDF 165KB)

Declaration of Accuracy (PDF 54.4KB)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 543KB)

Chapter 2: Description of the Existing Environment (PDF 3.24MB)

Chapter 3: Description of the Proposed Mining Operations (PDF 8.83MB)

Chapter 4: Statutory Framework (PDF 129KB)

Chapter 5: Stakeholder Consultation (PDF 707KB)

Chapter 6: Assessment Methodology (PDF 326KB)

Chapter 7: Public Safety (PDF 179KB)

Chapter 8: Traffic (PDF 2.26MB)

Chapter 9: Aboriginal Heritage and Native Title (PDF 599KB)

Chapter 10: Non-Aboriginal Heritage (PDF 670KB)

Chapter 11: Native Fauna and Pest Species (PDF 2.26MB)

Chapter 12: Vegetation and Weeds (PDF 4.05MB)

Chapter 13: Soil and Land Quality (PDF 753KB)

Chapter 14: Waste Disposal and Management (PDF 393KB)

Chapter 15: Air Quality (PDF 3.25MB)

Chapter 16: Noise (PDF 1.63MB)

Chapter 17: Airblast and Vibration (PDF 326KB)

Chapter 18: Surface Water (PDF 781KB)

Chapter 19: Groundwater (PDF 3.14MB)

Chapter 20: Visual Amenity (PDF 3.81MB)

Chapter 21: Land Use and Tenure (PDF 1.3MB)

Chapter 22: Social Environment (PDF 2.12MB)

Chapter 23: Economic (PDF 623KB)

References (PDF 208KB)

Glossary (PDF 131KB)

Appendix A: Project Team and Contributors (PDF 63.5KB)

Appendix B: Ministerial Determination 006 Cross Check (PDF 57.7KB)

Appendix C: Impacts and Risks Register (PDF 1.19MB)

Appendix D: IAP2’s Public Participation Spectrum (PDF 181KB)

Appendix E: CEIP Community Consultative Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 507KB)

Appendix F: CEIP Community Consultative Committee Outcome Expectations (PDF 110KB)

Appendix G: Community Survey June 2015 (PDF 776KB)

Appendix H: Hydrology and Surface Water Study (PDF 17.8MB)

Appendix I: Traffic Impact Assessment (PDF 9.59MB)

Appendix J: Ecological Survey (PDF 2.93MB)

Appendix K: Combined Background Air Quality and Air Quality Impact Assessment (PDF 7.74MB)

Appendix L: Noise and Vibration Assessment (PDF 31.9MB)

Appendix M: Mine Water Management – Numerical Groundwater Flow Model (PDF 3.4MB)

Appendix N: Mine Groundwater Impact Assessment (PDF 3.79MB)

Appendix O: Mine Pit Lake Assessment (PDF 837KB)

Appendix P: Viewpoint Assessments (PDF 2.34MB)

Appendix Q: Social Impact Assessment (PDF 4.76MB)

Appendix R: Economic Impact Assessment (PDF 506KB)

Appendix S: Conceptual Integrated Landform Design for Rehabilitation and Closure (PDF 5.72MB)


Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)


You can download the complete Environmental Impact Statement as a large single document file (223MB) here or in individual chapters below.


Contents Pages (PDF 156KB)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 884 KB)

Chapter 2: Project Justification (PDF 349KB)

Chapter 3: Project Alternatives (PDF 736KB)

Chapter 4: Project Description (PDF 5.82MB)

Chapter 5: Statutory Framework (PDF 775KB)

Chapter 6: Stakeholder Engagement (PDF 543KB)

Chapter 7: Physical Environment (PDF 1.62MB)

Chapter 8: Land Use and Tenure (PDF 1.87MB)

Chapter 9: Risk and Impact Definition (PDF 224KB)

Chapter 10: Air Quality (PDF 1.76MB)

Chapter 11: Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas (PDF 1.05MB)

Chapter 12: Noise and Vibration (PDF 1.76MB)

Chapter 13: Terrestrial Flora and Fauna (PDF 7.45MB)

Chapter 14: Marine and Coastal Environment (PDF 3.04MB)

Chapter 15: Surface Water (PDF 1.18MB)

Chapter 16: Groundwater (PDF 1.76MB)

Chapter 17: Soil and Land Quality (PDF 754KB)

Chapter 18: Traffic and Transport (PDF 3.64MB)

Chapter 19: Aboriginal Heritage and Native Title (PDF 1.01MB)

Chapter 20: Non-Aboriginal Heritage (PDF 1.17MB)

Chapter 21: Economic Environment (PDF 782KB)

Chapter 22: Social Environment (PDF 1.5MB)

Chapter 23: Landscape and Visual Amenity (PDF 2.7MB)

Chapter 24: Environmental Management (PDF 321KB)

References (PDF 268KB)

Glossary (PDF 181KB)

Appendix A: Major Development Declaration (PDF 260KB)

Appendix B: Iron Road Environment Policy (PDF 558KB)

Appendix C: EIS Guidelines (PDF 766KB)

Appendix D: DAC EIS Guidelines Comparison (PDF 138KB)

Appendix E: Contributions and Project Team (PDF 76.7KB)

Appendix F: IAP2’s Public Participation Spectrum (PDF 183KB)

Appendix G: CEIP Community Consultative Committee Terms of Reference (PDF 506KB)

Appendix H: Tumby Bay District Council Community Consultative Group Terms of Reference (PDF 123KB)

Appendix I: Community Survey Results (PDF 776KB)

Appendix J: Air Quality Assessment (PDF 5.87MB)

Appendix K: Greenhouse Gas Impact Assessment (PDF 396KB)

Appendix L: Environmental Noise and Vibration Assessment – Cape Hardy Port Facility (PDF 7.17MB)

Appendix M: Environmental Noise and Vibration Assessment – Infrastructure and Long Term Employee Village (PDF


Appendix N: Predicted Railway Noise Figures (PDF 6.36MB)

Appendix O: Infrastructure Corridor Ecological Assessment (PDF 3.92MB)

Appendix P: Port Terrestrial Ecology Baseline Survey (PDF 7.25MB)

Appendix Q: Marine and Coastal Environment Impact Assessment (PDF 11.5MB)

Appendix R: Cape Hardy Coastal Modelling (PDF 9.74MB)

Appendix S: Marine Environmental Noise Assessment (PDF 2.12MB)

Appendix T: Spencer Gulf Recorded Whale Sightings (PDF 64.4MB)

Appendix U: Infrastructure Groundwater Impact Assessment (PDF 1.78MB)

Appendix V: Kielpa Groundwater Supply Study (PDF 5.9MB)

Appendix W: Traffic Impact Assessment (PDF 5.47MB)

Appendix X: Economic Impact Assessment (PDF 1.01MB)

Appendix Y: Social Impact Assessment (PDF 4.76MB)

Appendix Z: Viewpoint Assessments (PDF 4.37MB)

Appendix AA: Draft – Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) (PDF 698KB)

Appendix BB: Draft – Operation Environmental Management Plan (OEMP) (PDF 559KB)

Appendix CC: Stakeholder Consultation Issues and Benefits Register Summary (PDF 126KB)

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Sustained Policy Moves By Chinese Government Accelerating Steel Industry Transition To Higher Quality Raw Materials

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Second Round of CEIP Debt Financing Discussions being held in Beijing this week

There is growing support for our CEIP project to supply high-quality, lower-emission ore to Chinese steel mills facing stricter environmental rules as the attached article in today’s China Daily suggests:

With reports that China plans to invest 2.5 trillion yuan ($365 billion) in renewable energy through 2020 to reduce greenhouse gases and is seeking to curb emissions by iron and steel producers, there is clearly a need for the CEIP’s product.

Mills are being compelled to upgrade their plants or cease operations if they fall short of standards, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.
Managing Director Andrew Stocks said that the policy moves in China support the CEIP’S high grade iron road product and the Company will be meeting with financiers in Shanghai and Beijing over the coming months.

“The consistent high quality nature of our product will deliver significant and compelling advantages as we seek to meet the growing high end supply gap in the iron ore market.

I very much look forward to building a Project that will become a trusted and reliable supplier of premium iron concentrates to the Asian marketplace.”

Read the full China Daily story here



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