Community and Stakeholder Engagement


Iron Road Limited believes that being part of a community is an important part of doing business. We believe in the need to contribute to the social wellbeing of the areas on which we operate, as well as bringing economic and infrastructure benefits. A well planned and managed mining operation is a long term win-win for the local communities.

So we take our responsibility to the community seriously and strive to leave it with no lasting negative environmental impacts. This commitment is demonstrated in Iron Road’s business development plans and embodied in its overall philosophy.

Iron Road fosters good working relationships with the government departments it interacts with, from local councils to federal governmental administrative bodies. This has helped form strong working relationships with local people which in turn has assisted in the growth of the company.

And we are transparent at all times, ensuring there are mechanisms whereby people can contact us to discuss issues in an open and non-threatening way. When the community benefits, we benefit.

SACOME Code of Practice for Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Iron Road was one of the first signatories to the SACOME Code of Practice (CoP) for community and stakeholder engagement. The CoP underpins our engagement philosophy with the principles guiding our commitment to genuine community partnerships and building a project that grows the regions prosperity.

Click here to view the SACOME Code of Practice for community and stakeholder engagement.

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